Homer Bowling

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Homer Bowling

Post by djwhitaker2004 » Fri Apr 02, 2004 8:43 pm

Here the picture of Homer but I not sure I did it right. Do you have anything to to help fix it, do I need a background? And I sorry to see Homer's bowling ball.
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Re:Homer Bowling

Post by Marco » Fri Apr 02, 2004 9:27 pm

Damnit, i wrote a damned long reply on this and it vanished in the depths of php session management. I'll try to repeat it as close as it was:

First of all, i got your pics in my mail for SR and archived them for the next, hopefully soon, update of SR. But before i want to reopen the SR board to make "official" stuff about it, so please have a little patience.

About the pic: I see you're using nicely the construction lines and circles, that'll help you a lot when doing more complex/different poses. The pic is very promising, but has some major issues in proportions... more specifically, in the ratio between proportions: for example, the head by itself is done pretty nicely (the wide eyes work well to give an "eeeek" look to Homer), but if you confront it with his body, it's way too big. In fact, the circle you use for Homers belly and the one you use for his head are similar in diimension, when the one in homers belly should be way much bigger than the one for his head. Same, but in a lesser way, the difference between arms and legs.
By themselves, they are nicely drawn and have some nice details as in the hands and shoes. But the arms look thicker and longer than the legs(actually, its just his right arm that looks too big), when it should be the opposite (and i think this is a drawback from the head/belly dimensions issue).

To fix these, i can only suggest practice... and maybe, try "deconstructing" some official pics. Take an officail pic of Homer for example, draw circles on his head, belly, shoulders, and hips; lines on his arms and legs, and note down the "proportions" between them: then try to redraw the pic with the same method, only reversed.

So, the bottom line: Keep it up, and sorry if i was naggy there. But i do think you have a big potential at this, so make the best out of it!
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Re:Homer Bowling

Post by delta3030 » Sat Apr 03, 2004 5:20 am

Man all this enthuaism in art...makes me want to draw simpsons again, now that's IMPRESSIONS! Good stuff man, let's see...crits...proportions
Everything seems to be mis-proportioned, if that's the word, but I think it is all due to your style so it may not be an issue lol. Just make the head and legs bigger to (maybe even the body) to better suit the head, or shrink down the head and arms.

Good stuff DJ, nice of you to keep da ART alive lol

Edit: And can't wait to see that Update Marco ^_^
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