AGU/FOP crossover

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AGU/FOP crossover

Post by tommy » Sun Feb 05, 2006 12:20 am

New one, a crossover even. It struck me that two of the coolest toongirls around share the same voice: Dionne Quan's. So as a homage to her, here are Trixie and Kimi, for the first(?) time united.

Which leads us to the question which has bugged me for some time:
Is Trixie Tang asian?

Arguments pro:
1. She's voiced by an asian actress who also does a Japanese character in another show.
2. Her last name sounds asian.
3. Her beautiful almond shaped eyes and her raven black hair make her look a bit asian.

Arguments contra:
1. Her dad (as shown in the "Internet" episode) looks like a regular fat white guy.
2. She doesn't have a clear asian accent (which doesn't say much btw if she's born in the US)

Seems the arguments pro outweigh the ones contra. But the problem of her non-asian dad remains. I guess this could either be explained by assuming that Trixie's mom (whom we have never seen) has divorced Trixie's REAL dad (an asian guy named Tang) - or maybe her first husband has died. Then she remarried the fat white guy, but Trixie kept her real father's name. In this scenario, Trixie's mom doesn't have to be asian - her being white would make Trixie half-asian (which would stereotypically speaking account for her prettyness - aren't many "half-breed" girls tremendous beauties?) Since she doesn't seem to have a yellowish skin, this seems probable.
What do you think?

Re: AGU/FOP crossover

Post by Dagdamor » Sun Feb 05, 2006 12:44 am

I think that the picture is great.
About everything else, I dunno :D

Re: AGU/FOP crossover

Post by cuteswan » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:36 pm

I almost didn't recognize Kimi because she's dressed so conservatively (at least compared to your #285). ;)  Actually, I'm guessing that she's older in this picture because you've changed the shape of her face and made her hair much more curly/frizzy now -- the layering must have taken quite a while to look so good.  (A quick peek on Wikipedia shows that they character designs changed a fair amount between Rugrats and All Grown Up.)

They both look great, and one can appreciate the huge differences in character design between the two series: noses pointing in different directions, head shape, cheeks, eyes, etc.  The only things that stick out are Trixie's middle finger being pointy (or is that just the shading + my monitor?) and Kimi's knees are very close to her hips.  It doesn't seem like there should be that much foreshortening at that angle, particularly since her lower legs are so long.  Other than those, they're lovely as usual.  :)

As for Trixie's origin, I'd guess she just has some Asian in her background, perhaps her father or grandfather (judging by the family name, too).  However, it's not uncommon in my area to see folks who are mostly Caucasians with some cute "Asian" features.  However, she probably wouldn't consider herself Asian since she's steeped in American culture (from what I've seen of her).

BTW, I looked up Ms. Quan and found out that she's only in her 20s and nearly blind, yet she keeps up with all the scripts well enough.  Kudos to her, too! :)