Ode to (another) superhero

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Ode to (another) superhero

Post by c_nordlander » Mon Mar 21, 2005 12:07 am

Well, I've been out of the filking community for a while, but I like "The Incredibles" so much, I'll try again. Will make no sense to non-fans.

"Metroville". Tune: "Allentown" by Billy Joel. New lyrics by: Christina Nordlander (except for where they aren't). Just imagine Bob Parr singing this at the start of the film, after the Glory Days.

Well, we're living here in Metroville
And I earn enough to pay the bill
And I'm making people kill their time
Filling out forms
Standing in line
Well, our fathers fought for justice and peace
Spent their weekends making world wars cease
Met our mothers in the NSA
Followed them out
Saving the day
And we're living here in Metroville

But there's an awful lot of time to kill
And it's getting very hard to stay

Well, we're waiting here in Metroville
For a chance to use our special skill
For the promises our powers held
If we were great
If we excelled
So the newscuttings all hang on the wall
But they never really helped us at all
No, they never showed the building blocks
Lawsuits and files
Enormous clocks
And we're waiting here in Metroville

But the public voice got very shrill
And the League of Justice crawled away

Now I could be taking my own two kids
To save the world just like their old folks did
But something happened on the way to that phase
They picked us up and put us square in our place

Well, I'm living here in Metroville
And if we don't act, nobody will
But this don't look like a job for me
And we're living here in Metroville.
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Are you really gonna take it like that?
Riding on the missile with a cowboy hat?

Oh, well the world is gonna end
So dance around the fire that we once believed in
Oh, wanna tear it down again, now
'Cause there's nothing left for us to bleed
Give it up, the sons of anarchy
So come around and have another round on me!


-- The Offspring, "Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell"