Challenge Idea

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Challenge Idea

Post by Hellfish » Sun Apr 24, 2005 9:25 pm

Ok, there is a slight chance I'm in the wrong section for this, and if so, I apologize.

To help jumpstart the fires of creativity, I propose a challenge similar to Genworks @ Livejournal only of course Simpsons/Futurama related. I think this could make a nice addition to the forum, especially since the Round Robins seem a tad...dead. Anyways, what do you think?
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Re: Challenge Idea

Post by D.B. » Wed Apr 27, 2005 11:46 pm

Well, seeing as how this seems to be an idea for a joint fanfic/fanart type challenge, I'm not sure where to put it either. Here will do for now.

We've tried challenge idea before, with mixed sucess. The most obvious is the 'challenge' thread in netcomix, which had a few good entires but not too many as far as I can remember (I can't be bothered going through it all to check). More popular was Chris's Grasshopper thread.

I think the main problem is we're a bit of a small community. At any given time many of us have other commitments (school, work, etc). Of those who remain only a handful might have the inspiration and confidence in their abilities necessary to rise to the challenge (inspiration ebign particulally important when the idea of the competition is to write/draw around a set topic). Furthermore, most of them will have their own projects that they'd rather dedicate time to anyway.

This is why the grasshopper thread was so good. It imposed limitations on the amount of effort people neeeded to put in to enter (due to the word limit) while being open ended enough to allow them to explore their own ideas (by no content stipulation). It even let people try writing things they'd already thought of, but didn't think were good/long enough to write a whole fic about (I know, I was that person ;D ).

So if anyone out there can think of a way to create another fanart/fanfic competition with similar strengths, post ideas about it in this thread and see what the response is from other members here.
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