NON-GROENING FIC: "Skyfall in the Family"

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NON-GROENING FIC: "Skyfall in the Family"

Postby c_nordlander » Wed Apr 03, 2013 6:34 pm

This very silly fic started out as a one-off joke about how Kirby and King Dedede in the webcomic Brawl in the Family have as much foe-yay as James Bond and Silva in "Skyfall". And before I knew it, I was getting ideas for a massive full-length parody of "Skyfall" starring Brawl characters.

The plot: Adeleine sends her best agent, perpetually hungry puffball and shapeshifter Kirby, to retrieve a frighteningly powerful cheat code. But when Kirby is missing in action, a sinister plan full of betrayal comes to light.

I hope I did an OK job combining the lightheartedness of one of the sources with the grimness and BETRAYAL of the other. Probably won't make much sense unless you're familiar with the comic or "Skyfall" (though I've put in some descriptions of the characters the first time they appear). Also, a lot of these characters I'm not familiar with first-hand, so feel free to point out if I got their characters horribly wrong.

Warning: Contains copious scenes of Kirby eating things. Which I guess isn't traumatic or offensive or anything, but I know some people are rather tired of it.

And Matthew Taranto, if you're reading this, I'm sure you understand that this is a tribute to your comic, not intended to put it down in any way. But if you want me to take it down, just say the word.

NOTE: I'm aware that Jigglypuff's gender isn't ever actually given in the comic, but I had to guess *something*.
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