Preliminary rules and the like. READ ME FIRST

Having trouble characterising a Springfieldian or New New Yorker? Get help here!
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Preliminary rules and the like. READ ME FIRST

Postby Archonix » Tue Aug 10, 2004 9:33 pm

This is only a temporary thread.

This forum has been created to house a set of character reference sheets that will give writers some inspirations for how characters might behave. The idea was thought up by several people several times, but this particular time it seems to have stuck around long enough to start being worked on.


If Steve has done things right, only mods and admins are able to create new threads in this forum. Everyone can reply to those threads once they are created.

There will be some discussions later with the relevant people about how exactly the sheets will be worked out. For now I'm creating a thread where people can list the characters they feel will need a sheet.
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