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Post by Morpheus306 » Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:19 am

Some of you asked me to do a tutorial on different camera angles and perspective.  So here it is. 

1. The first panel is a normal "medium shot" with two point perspective, meaning there are two vanashing point on the "HL" or Horizon Line.  The character, in this case Lisa, would be drawn in a normal perspective looking forward at her.  This is a standard shot that is also used in character design poses.  Notice how her feet follow the point to the right.  Her eyes would also follow that line. 
2. The second panel is a one point perspective with a low Horizon Line.  Now we're looking up at lisa, this is an "Up Shot."  We see under her features such as her lip and necklace.  Notice how the curves have changed.  That is very important when doing perspective, is knowing how to draw curves.  Everything above the HL you'll see the bottom of, everything below, the top.  Thats why her skirt bottom is a different curve than the necklace. 
3. The third panel is a 3 point perspective, very tricky.  But as you can see, it adds a level of drama.  This would also be called an up shot because we're looking up at her.  The third point is usually above or below the HL, but not on it like the other points. 
4.Here is another 3 point perspective but from above, so we're looking down.  This would be a down shot.  Notice how the different parts of bart's body follow the different points.  Also note how we're looking down onto the top of bart's body, much like looking up at lisa from panel 2.  3 point perspective is a very tricky and needs lots of practice to get right.  Notice how also bart feels like he's standing on solid ground, that's very important.
5. This is another 2 point perspective shot, notice where the HL is so we down onto the table, chair and what not.  Bart's hair just comes over the HL so we don't see the top but a more straight forward angle.  Again notice how the eyes and what not follow the two points. 

These are called "camera angles" because in animation, we set up these pics as if it were live action and we're setting up a camera.  So we have to imagine how the set and actors will be arranged and look according to angle and perspecctive given.  There are also close ups and long shots.  CLose ups would be of a characters head and a long shot would be the "camera" being far away from the character or location.  It's all very complicated but knowing simple perspective will make your images feel solid.  Just keep practicing!
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Re: Perspective

Post by Sheana_Molloy » Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:36 am

Ooh, very interesting!  Those look extremely helpful, 'cos perspective is always a major bugger when it comes to drawing scenes involving anybody/anything.

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Re: Perspective

Post by OARRIAGA2001 » Tue Jul 11, 2006 4:56 am

Yeah , and this also shows the simpsons in ways that are not often use in fanart. Thank you again.
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Re: Perspective

Post by CCD! » Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:43 pm

a very useful guide  :D..... due to my lack of perspective I cannot obtain many effects :(….    Morpheus thanks :)….    this will be a great aid… :).   

(but due to my null intelligence…. to see results will take something of time :P)…

Thanks again! ;D