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New Thing!

Postby Archonix » Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:10 am

Eagle-eyed posters will notice that there are some new options when posting attachments. There has always been a little conflict between wanting to allow people to express themselves and wanting to keep innocent eyes safe (and people browsing at work from being fired - though why aren't you working?). Until now it was dealt with by moderators but there's been no consistent way of handling it. Now, you get to choose if you think your art might get innocent eyes fired by applying a Not Safe For Work rating to your attachments. This will add a nice little graphic in place of the preview thumbnail and optionally, if you select "strict", will only allow logged-in users to view your attachment.

What this means: If you, personally, think your art is a bit risqué you may have hesitated to post it before, but now you no longer have to worry about that mushy grey area between perfect innocence and Porn Baron.

What this doesn't mean: posting porn. The rules about pornography are still in place, this is simply allowing more flexibility on the "artistic nudity" front. We are, as always, fair and willing to be flexible about rules depending on circumstance and there are no strict and undeviating punishments if you cross over any invisible lines, as long as you're willing to play fair as well.

Additionally: If you click on a NSFW tagged image, you will get content that the creator considers Not Safe For Work. Don't complain when it happens. You made the choice. :)
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