Title game

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Title game

Post by c_nordlander » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:09 am

We had a thread like this years ago, and I thought it was fun enough to revive. Basically, post possible fanfic titles, and other people are welcome to come up with a plot for them. (Or write the actual fic, for that matter, which I guess would make this into Title Bunny Shelter.)

Kicking this off with a few story-less titles of mine. These are probably most appropriate for Futurama, but nothing says you can't use this thread for titles for any of our fandoms.

"Parasites by the Dashboard Light"
"The Part I Was Cloned to Play"
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Re: Title game

Post by Gulliver63 » Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:40 am

Those are awfully good. I thought I was an absolute mental giant when I came up with "Big Man on Hippocampus," only to find that Family Guy already used it. I will very often start with a working title that will get changed at some point. "Educating Neeta" was almost "You Should Know Better." I'm currrently scribbling on one here at work called "Survival of the Brightest," which is a continuation of the Amazonian story. At the Madhouse I also discussed the fact that with my story "A Day at the Mall," I thought about doing stories called "A Day at the Human Races" and "A Night at the Space Opera."

I may try to do something with that clone one if something bites me in the brain.
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