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2007 Writing Competition - Details, rules and such

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 12:22 pm
by Archonix
Welcome to the GFC 2007 Futurama writing competition!


This competition is, of course, a writing competition. There are some basic requirements for entry: you must be able to write, and presumably read too

The story cannot be more than 3000 words long, and ideally should not be less than 100. A good average is about 1500 words but don't take that as gospel, as long as you're within the limits.

I will post a series of starts, middles and endings. Entrants will pick a start, an end (or several ends) and one or more middles and then try to weave a story through them. Creative use of multiple middles will gain points with the judges but don't, for the love of god, try to cram them all in!

Content must be of a similar level to Futurama itself, which never went over PG-13. Apart from that, within the constraints of the plot points you pick, you're free to write whatever you like.


Because I am not particularly good at picking prizes, and because I'm British and most of the participants are going to be from elsewhere, I am offering gift certificates at an online book and writing supply stores such as Levenger's and Deadalus Books. To a certain extent I will tailor the prizes to suit the location and tastes of the winners but the general value of the prizes will be as follows

(All prizes are in Great British Pounds Sterling, which means the exchange rates will be quite good for a lot of you at the moment)

First Prize: £30
Second and Third Prize: £15

In addition to this, the first and second prize winners will receive a high quality illustration to go along with their fic based on any scene you desire - within reason - by one of the better artists that hang around at the GFC.

The competition starts on the 1st of November and will close on the 7th of December, which should give you plenty of time to come up with a good story and write it. The judges will announce the winner on the 14th of December.

How to Enter

This is the important bit, so listen very carefully, as I shall type this only once.

In order to enter, you must read through the list of starts, middles and ends that will be in the next post on this thread, and then pick some. You don't need to tell people what you've chosen. Then you must create a new thread in the [iurl= ... ,35.0.html]competition board[/iurl] announcing your intention to join. After that it's your thread. You can post anything inside it that's related to your fic - notes, ideas, bribes background material - or indeed nothing at all. When you complete your entry you will also post it in your thread.

There are to be no other threads than entry threads in the competition forum. This is an absolute rule. If you have any questions or anything else to say, post it in the [iurl= ... 811.0.html]Competition Discussion and Questions thread[/iurl].

And so we shall begin. I hope you enjoy writing as much as I shall surely enjoy reading.

Graham Dawson - GFC Site Admin

Re: 2007 Writing Competition - Details, rules and such

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:37 pm
by Archonix
Please pick one ending, one beginning and one or more middles for your entry. [char] denotes any character you want to put in that situation.


Aliens invade (again!)
Election Fever
[char] is sitting in the kitchen, talking to the devil
[char] suffers from a mysterious disease
A mysterious package arrives for [char]
The world needs saving again.
Fry becomes a guinea pig
The Professor invents something useful
Elzar mastarminds a new dish


Zapp recruits Zoidberg
Zoidberg recruits Zapp
[char] has to leave on a long journey
[char] loses something important that the rest of the crew need
[char] takes a long holiday with [char 2]
The crew mooch around and don't get involved
There is a profound need for booze
A small incident explodes in to something world-shaking
Pazuzu returns with some new friends
Someone gets..... AMNESIA
A battle over a lava pit.
Kif gets a backbone
Zoidberg dies! Or not...


[char] is left holding the baby
[char] returns to work
[char] decides to return to the way things were
The world ends.
Everything turns out great.
Nixon hands out the rewards
Lucy Liu becomes the lord and master of the universe
Kif's envy saves the day
Amy reveals her big secret.
Everyone gets a statue