REVIEW: Rapacity in Blue (Venture Brothers)

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REVIEW: Rapacity in Blue (Venture Brothers)

Post by c_nordlander » Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:03 pm

And the trend just continues... This is almost certainly my favourite episode of this season so far. That said, the show is still setting its stuff up, not paying it off. But it's doing it so well.

I love everything about the Monarch/Blue Morpho storyline. Not even going to try to narrow it down. Also, the way he and 21 interact is just awesome. 21 was great in this episode: dressing like a Jedi solely for a dramatic reveal is very him.
As for the other bits, Brock is very good. I actually cooled a bit on him in the last couple of seasons: it seemed like he was becoming a bit too grim and serious a character, which can be just as reductive as a character turning into just a shallow joke. (Come to think of it, I had the same issue with 21's overly "badass" character development.) Now he seems to have reached a good balance, just like 21.
Billy and Pete continue being hilarious/cool. Oh, all the characters are great. Harangutan was an obvious one-off villain, but had some pretty great lines.

I like how the Monarch/Dr. Girlfriend plot is progressing as well. Until now, I was a bit worried that it was heading in a stereotypical "wife neglects her husband for her shiny new career" direction. (Well, I don't think the show would actually *be* that 1950s, but it still had me a little bit worried.) This episode shows that she sincerely cares about the Monarch's career and about their relationship. Oh, if only she knew...

Kind of a shame that Rusty
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