OPINIONS: Earth Guys Are Sleazy (Futurama)

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OPINIONS: Earth Guys Are Sleazy (Futurama)

Postby c_nordlander » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:14 pm

Fry jumps ship while the crew are flying past Frazetta-1, a planet populated by mono-gendered aliens who look like incredibly attractive humans, only to find that they are all male-looking. With the Planet Express pilots grounded on Earth due to an infectious disease, how is he going to get back home?

Script format; comedy/romance.

Content note: depiction of a fantasy equivalent of miscarriage. A few sex jokes, as befits the subject, but on the whole it's probably cleaner than most Futurama episodes. Contains Fry/OC romance, in case you don't like that.

In case you have been following this story in the Creativity Hour thread, the new material starts on p. 46 (after the scene where Zapp visits the Planet Express building).

Note about the ending in spoilers:
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