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Nidotamer's Plot Rabbits

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:06 pm
by Nidotamer
So... I get a lot of ideas and stuff that I often might wanna write but at the same time I often don't really know if they're good ideas. So this is kind of a note/advice thread of sorts, I'll post ideas I'm thinking of writing and either they could be commented on or at least they'll be here in case I forget them. Could also be used to help develop these ideas further too.

1. [Main players; Bart Simpson, Jessica Lovejoy.] A sort of heist movie-like idea. Something of Bart’s gets confiscated and placed under constant guard of the hall monitors. His only hope of getting it back is to count on the help of another student in a similar predicament: Jessica Lovejoy. Together they have to figure out a way to get past or subdue all of the Hall Monitors (Martin, Database, Cosine, Sherri, Terri) and get their stuff back.
Still not sure what of Bart's would be taken yet. Maybe someone could help with that. First guess would be skateboard... It might work best as a script since it's meant to be a humour based story. Definitely not a shipping fic.
And just some little moments I'd thought of to go with it, might be subject to change.
2. [Main players; Sherri & Terri] Sherri & Terri come home just a few minutes after the ‘curfew’ their hardass dad put on them only to find themselves locked out of the house. So they have to roam the town trying to find some place to stay for the night. Based on a possibly old (didn’t check) news story about this one mom that had done this to her son.

Didn't really have so many joke ideas here, probably because of a more serious base plot. Kind of an experiment in getting these two to work in a protagonistic role and all since they're usually antagonists by default...


That's all I really have so far. I suppose if there's anything I 100% can't do, I might make it an open idea to do whatever ya want with.