I Get Twitch to Play My Mario Maker 2 Levels

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I Get Twitch to Play My Mario Maker 2 Levels

Post by Meteorite » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:52 pm

I've been having lots of fun coming up with ideas for levels in Mario Maker 2 and making them, but what I really find interesting is watching others play them, seeing how they approach the things I've laid out and if there's anything I've overlooked. So, based on a suggestion from Reddit on getting more plays for levels, I sought out Twitch streamers with low viewer counts asking for viewer levels. It's a good system; they get levels to play, and I get to see them play it.

So, if anyone who cannot play MM2 is interested in seeing my levels, here are my levels so far.

Clear Intentions, played by Pauproutan

I'll be honest; I love this guy. He's very chill, and is very fair with his critique. I'm more than happy to watch him regardless of if he's playing my levels or not.

Anyway, the idea around this level was 'How can I use the enemies with the clear pipes in the Mario 3D World setting?' The original 3D World game very rarely had anything other than goombas occasionally use the clear pipes, so this was a fun idea to play around with.

Airship Castle: Redux, played by tardisgater

I like tardisgater; she's very sweet. I... don't particularly care for this level much anymore though. It's a remake of a level I made back in MM1 with improvements, but at the end of the day it's still a boss rush. Still it's better than the standard 'boss in an empty square room with infinite powerups' that's extremely common when people do boss fights. Mostly. Ignore the respawning Fire Flowers in the Giant Bowser fight.

Also... uh... you probably should skip through the 20 minute segment of her trying to place a POW Block on top of a flying thwomp in low gravity. It's an interesting way to pass the boss fight, but... yeah.

A Bone to Pick With You, played by Pauproutan

I actually worked backwards on this level. I wanted to create an unique boss fight, and I tried to incorporate the various powerups available to make it a bit of a puzzle as well. Then I came up with the storyline of the powerups being stolen, and you're basically recovering them as you progress through the level. I'm pretty happy with this level.

Lost Yoshi in the Crafty Caverns, played by Pauproutan

Spoilered because I know certain people haven't played this yet.

Sunken Red Hot Coins In The Maze, played by Foxen

So... Foxen is a slightly more popular streamer on Twitch, so I was somewhat apprehensive about putting my level in front of over a couple hundred viewers, which included SimpleFlips, someone I'm subbed to on Youtube. Eep.

But nevertheless, I did and this is the level I'm the most proud of. It's a sprawling clear pipe maze through lava, with a lot of hidden secrets, one of which includes a 'relic'. (which is actually just a powerup, but getting it allows you to get the True Ending to the level)

It's also quite long; in fact clearing the level myself (in order to make it eligible to be uploaded) in one life took 5 minutes and 21 seconds, and that's knowing exactly where to go and what to do. But I really wanted to make a level that rewarded exploring, even all the way back in MM1 but there wasn't really any good solution to people just blazing from one section to the next. But with the clear pipes and lava, I think I was able to accomplish something that promoted careful exploring. It just sucks that lava is an instant kill, which increases the difficulty.

By the way, Stretch still holds the World Record at 12 minutes 16 seconds. ;)

And because it's hilarious:
SimpleFlips: dev door
SimpleFlips: boo it
SimpleFlips: boo the level

SimpleFlips: he stood around for 5 minutes
SimpleFlips: then used the dev door

graphitemaster: Imagine standing still for five minutes just to set a faulty world record to hide your dev door

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Re: I Get Twitch to Play My Mario Maker 2 Levels

Post by Nidotamer » Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:49 am

ah, lucky you being blessed with good levelmaking skills and being noticed by folks! Assuming this won't be the last of them then. :D
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