All Grown Up pics by TS

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Re: All Grown Up pics by TS

Post by Chinese Orphane » Tue Jun 27, 2006 11:02 pm

tommy wrote: Thanks!  :)

New one...
Angelica: "Do I look good in jeans"?  ;)

wow thats really good like the detail and all even those this isnt simpson related art its very good wait which ones anglica again i totally forgot

i heard that popularity aint all what its cracked up to be why am i so stressed i should study on grades and do my best im upset anious freaked out impateint this is the second rought draft of my poem the other replaced it i had to start all over again makes it hard to take this to the end so i shall say in every way i hope my names rembered for high school in a good way this is a discarce how can i face starting a new popular life hopefully ppl there can respect me stress shouldnt have to be everything begging pleading let me do well all this compotion i feel im in HE** but i shall go this may drop out hope that school ill have no doubts...

for now im stressed but again im fine im ending this now i dont have time