The Nidotamer art depository, now less boring!

Post your art here! While this is a Simpsons and Futurama website, feel free to post works for other fandoms or original works here as well.
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Re: The Nidotamer art depository, now less boring!

Post by Stretch_Dude » Thu Jan 16, 2020 5:14 pm

An adorable om and a very good falling pose! Excellent motion on her hair.
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Re: The Nidotamer art depository, now less boring!

Post by c_nordlander » Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:26 pm

Reviewing my backlog:

Kiddie pom (THAT'S AN M): really lovely pose, and I love the feet and muzzle.

Front facing Maggie: this is about as good as a forward-facing Simpson can get, I think. Her expression and outfit are great. Also, on a non-skill-related level, it's fairly unusual to see art of Maggie that's neither infant nor grown-up. This is one of my favourites of your art now.

Baby Terri: feels like I've reviewed it before, still like it. Good hair colouring, and the bear's funny.

Carried Away: reviewed this on DeviantArt, I believe, so you know I like it. At the time, I didn't know Russi Taylor voiced Minnie Mouse, so it's more emotional for me now. Really well drawn (the Mickey Mouse-style eyes look a bit odd on Bart initially, but you get used to them), with a good background, and a great tribute. (And I love the episode it's based on, the song is still stuck in my head.)

Mom Terri: good design and outfit, and looks like a plausible age-up: not identical to her kid self, but still recognisable. The best way to do an age-up.

A faceload of faces: these are great, on-model and with good shading. The only one I have slight problems with is Lionel Hutz: his eyes look a bit too far apart, but he's still easily recognisable. Some great hairstyles on display, too.

Dark Mage Jerry: ohh, that's cool! Great evil expression, outfit, and nice magical effect. Needs to be in a fic.

Smol Terri: nicely drawn and coloured. I like the pudgy face making her look younger.

Killer Rabbit: OK, that's horrifying. I love it. Some really gruesome design choices, while still looking like something that could be on the show.

Tryouts: I love it. Just excellent Bart expressions and some nice hairstyles (I'm fond of the emo-style forelock one in T3).

Barty boy: I remember seeing this on dA. I like it, though Bart's long hair looks a bit weird to me at first glance. Then again, Simpsons hair usually does, and I liked it more the second time I looked at it. The colouring's good.

Om: just cute, and nice monochrome.

Terri lost: great scared expression and a really atmospheric background, and you've done great things with the (insufficient) lighting here.

Excess floof: that is some very nice soft hair. I love how happy they look, and they're both on-model.

Boo-urns: took me a moment to get it (for some reason, I was seeing him as an Ego the Talking Planet-style celestial body, not a Boo), but he looks great and just a bit creepy, and the pun is great if you're not slow like I.

Wolluf nb: the Werriwolf returns! I liked her design and glowy eyes in the first picture, and it's still great. Her pose is nicely animalistic, and dead/unconscious Lisa is appropriately distressing. The colouring's marvellous, of course: I like how Lisa looks too pale.

Heh, Boourns sprites! Love it, he's instantly recognisable.

She's not unreasonable: ... I mean, she's not gonna eat your eyes. Nice idea to post two versions like that, and she still looks nicely low-key creepy in the first one. The damage on her skin in the second one is a bit simplistic, but then again, not anything you want to go overboard with.

Petpet: great colouring here, and the werewolf's expression is simply amazing. I love everything about the picture, really cute and creepy. As for the Lisa revenge-porn... well, I'm not a *fan*, but at least you're getting it out of your system in constructive ways?

Hungee dream: OMG, not Winnie the Pooh? Nice and funny/cute pic.

Twin of the Dead cover: really good cover art for a fic I'm liking a lot. Not going to try to pin-point things, I love everything about how you've drawn both twins. Undead Sherri's bow seems a bit neat, but I guess her sister tied it for her recently.

Coat Terri: another great one, with very nice colours and shading. And the chibis are cute, especially the bottom one.

High Fashion: that is so sweet. Looks like something that should happen on the show.

Trans rights: already reviewed, but you know I like the art and message.

Character profiles: this is all good stuff, with good art. I see Terri's carrying on the twin gene. :-)

Workout Terri: love her badass pose, expression, and the sparkles.

Poses: these all look great, many memorable characters and great expressions and outfits. Maggie in armour riding on Blob outclasses everyone by far, though.

To be continued.
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